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If I Could Have Your Attention Please 🙏 (2 mins)

Throughout 2022 I have been privileged to have worked closely with Harbour Place Grimsby and Neighbours Kitchen. These two important charities help people that at the very least have little food, and at worst, have no roof. In a developed country this is unacceptable.

Thankfully with your support we’ve not only managed to raise hundreds of pounds for the organisations, we’ve also worked on various projects that have created much needed awareness and highlighted the plight of others.

Over the past few months I have been reluctant to share my crowfunder.

The work I do on the river depends on company sponsorship and your generosity to continue, but it HAS to come second to the needs of others that often find themselves in crisis.

So moving forward I will be donating 50% of all donations to these organisations.

With your support you can help keep our river in good shape and also provide shelter, warmth, and food for hundreds of people.

Also for those that want to help in a non financial capacity, 2023 will see other alternatives in which you can help.

Have a good Christmas and thank you again for your positivity and support.

James 🛶

Donations can be made below

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